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Weapons Systems
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Programmatics Management Planning and Support

Tec-Masters staff has provided programmatic management planning, assessment, and analysis support for major US and international programs since 1990. Support has been provided in all areas of programmatic management planning, coordination, assessment, budget, cost and analysis for completed, ongoing, and planned weapon systems, which includes Milestone Decision Review (MDR)/In-Process Review (IPR) preparation, for all products/programs. The preparation and execution of the MDRs have been highly successful, the same processes and tools will continue to be utilized to insure continued success.

Specific Support Includes:
  • Provide Input, Advice, and Recommendations to the PMO and Special Teams to Expedite Resolution and Mitigation of Programmatic Problems

  • Provide Support in Monitoring, Assessing, Coordinating, Analyzing and Integrating Component System Programs/Activities

  • Program Management Coordination and Integration with Internal Functional Areas, and All External Agencies to include Foreign Governments

  • Prepare and Coordinate All Briefings and Documentation Materiel Required for the MDR Process, IPRs, and Materiel Release (urgent and traditional)

  • Facilitate, Support, and Participate in IPT Meetings, IPRs, and MDRs

  • Develop, Format, and Implement ALPHA Contacting Techniques and Procedures

  • Develop Management Plans and Tools

  • Provide Assistance for Web Based Acquisition Tools for ALPHA, MDR, and Other Acquisition Initiatives

  • Assist in Development of Contract Documentation/Requirements Package
    • Acquisition Plan/Strategy, SOO, SOW (Performance Requirements, Specifications, Contract Data Packages, Model/final Contract etc.)
  • Coordinate Contracting Activities With Applicable IPTs
    • Preparation Schedules, Contract Query Form Generation (Questions, Issues, Clarification), Tracking, and Closeout
  • Support and Facilitate Contract Negotiations

  • Prepare Affordability, Cost and Budget Analyses

  • Develop Program Documentation, Reviews, Requirement Crosswalks and Track/Archive Documentation

  • Research and Implement Informational Papers/Concepts Addressing/ Implementing Effects of New Acquisition Guidance and Contracting Policies

  • Develop and Maintain Risk Assessments, Risk Management Plans/Databases. Analyze, Define and Implement Risk Mitigation for Programs

  • Analyze/Develop/Implement KPPs, Performance Metrics, and Assessment Techniques

  • Assist in Development of Keystone Program Documentation ORD, APB, Modified Integrated Program Summary (MIPS), TEMP, Program Plans, MOUs, Modernerization Plans, and Other Strategic Plans

  • Research and Identify Policies and Principles of DoD Acquisition Programs

  • Document/Implement the MDR Preparation Process

Weapon Systems
Contact: Carol Frazier 256.721.6639

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