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Weapons Systems
Engineering Support Logistical Support Studies and Analysis Aviation Technology Programmatics

Engineering Support

Tec-Masters currently provides SETA support to the Precision Fires Rocket and Missile Systems (PFRMS) Project Office and Non-Line of Sight-Launcher System (NLOS-LS) Task Force. Examples of efforts under this heading include:

  • Development of system specifications for launcher platforms and fire control systems for the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) M270A1 launcher and the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) M142 launcher;

  • Technical analysis and planning support for Global Positioning System Selective Access Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) integration into the launcher platforms;

  • Technical evaluation of change proposals;

  • Technical evaluation of software issues, enhancements and other change requests;

  • Review of Software Requirements Specifications Design Specifications and code for M270A1, HIMARS and the MLRS and Army Tactical Missile Systems (TACMS) families of munitions;

  • Test design, planning and conduct of technical and integration testing of the launcher platforms and fire control systems; data collection, reduction, analysis and evaluation support;

  • Prototype development for cryptographic input devices;

  • Communication antenna experiment design, conduct, data collection and comparative analysis and propagation characteristic analysis;

  • Technical support and analysis for Foreign Military Sales case C4I, launcher, communications requirements.
Tec-Masters performs and has performed system test, software IV&V, simulation, and emulation for the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System in all areas: BM/C3I/C4I, Missile, Launcher, and Ground Based Radar. This effort included predictive analysis for flight tests as well as hardware in the loop and software in the loop testing, failure analysis, and post event elaboration on observed results. The Tec-Masters team developed or adapted all models and simulations used in this effort.

All analyses required to plan, design, implement, integrate and operate a fully capable end to end testbed environment were performed by the Tec-Masters team. This included extensive communications, timing, and software analyses to integrate multiple operating systems on multiple platforms, divergent applications, simulations and emulations into a cohesive, tactically representative environment; an environment that could produce repeatable results and be parametrically modified to mirror actual system performance and conditions in the test environment as the program matured and more data/information became available.

Weapon Systems
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