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Space Systems and Technology
Payload Development Payload Integration Prototyping Thermo / Fluid Dynamics Academic Partners

Payload Integration

As a member of the SDOS contract team, Tec-Masters is responsible for the integration of payloads into the Microgravity Sciences Glovebox (MSG) on-board the International Space Station (ISS). In this role, Tec-Masters supports the MSG facility operation and integration, performs hardware and software integration of the MSG facility and the payloads, performs integrated engineering analyses, stowage engineering, integrated verification testing, safety assessments, and command and data handling integration.

Payload Requirements Support

As the payload integrator for the MSG Tec-Masters provides the technical integration efforts necessary to define a fully functional integrated MSG to payload configuration, which satisfies all applicable MSG interface requirements. Tec-Masters assures compatibility of the integrated payload with all required test facilities, MSG, and the applicable launch vehicle. Tec-Masters is responsible for maintaining the Investigation Interface Requirements Document to remain consistent with parent documentation. Tec-Masters is also responsible for developing and maintaining payload-specific requirements in payload-specific Interface Control Documents.

Integrated Analysis

Tec-Masters is responsible for performing integrated analyses of the MSG and the payload to insure interface and safety requirements are satisfied. Some specific analyses include:

  • Penetration/containment analyses
  • Power analyses
  • Thermal analyses
  • C&DH assessment
  • EMI/EMC Analyses & Assessment of Test Results
  • Integrated Verification
Tec-Masters is responsible for the performance of all compatibility, interface and verification tests between the MSG and payload hardware/software based on requirements in the applicable payload-specific MSG ICD. Tec-Masters supports mission simulations and ground/flight end-to-end testing of integrated MSG configurations as required.

Tec-Masters coordinates requirements, scheduling, and test product deliverables. Tec-Masters develops test plans, test procedures and resulting test data, and submits verification to the ISS Payload Engineering and Integration (PE&I) group at JSC. Tec-Masters collects and coordinates the review and approval of the payload verification data and develops and maintain a verification requirements, traceability, and closeout system to ensure successful operation of each integrated configuration.

Tec-Masters is responsible for coordinating issues with PEI regarding integrated stage analysis inputs and other verification submittals. Tec-Masters supports payload development teams in the origination of applicable waivers/deviations regarding MSG requirements or processes and coordinates the submission of any exception PIRNs required by ISS based on investigation verification inputs.

Space Technology
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