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Space Systems and Technology
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Payload Development

Tec-Masters, Inc. provides conceptual design engineering and development for payloads, including hardware design concepts, solid models, and drawings in ProEngineer and AutoCAD platforms. Specific hardware developed by Tec-Masters includes the CGH and PEP experiments for Spacelab, the WCI and PEP experiments for Middeck, Phase A/B design of the High Gradient Furnace with Quench (HGFQ) for Space Station, and an advanced vacuum furnace concept for Hitchhiker.

Typical tasks supporting conceptual design include:
  • Documentation searches
  • Resource allocation assessments
  • Spreadsheet models
  • Hand calculations
  • Flow chart diagrams
  • Structural/Thermal models
Emphasis is placed on timely assessments using cost-effective methodologies. Finalized concepts are presented to the customer documenting the concept feasibility, the number of requirements satisfied, the scope of work required to develop the concept into a finalized design, and a preliminary estimate of the associated cost.

Payloads designed and developed by Tec-Masters include:
  • SUBSA Solidification Using a Baffle in Sealed Ampoules

  • PFMI Toward Understanding Pore Formation and Mobility During Controlled Directional Solidification in a Microgravity Environment Investigation

  • CGH/PEP SACA Coupled Growth in Hypermonotectics (CGH) and Particle Engulfment and Pushing by Solidifying Interfaces Sample Ampoule Cartridge Assembly

  • QMI Quench Module Insert

  • BUNDLE Bridgman UNidirectional In Liquids Experiment

  • MSG Microgravity Science Glovebox
In addition to Tec-Masters' engineering support of these activities, we also provide program management, subcontract management, quality assurance, configuration management, safety, accounting and procurement functions.

Space Technology
Contact: Mala Thompson • 256.721.6672

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