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Modeling & Simulation
Modeling Technology Simulation Technology Studies and Analysis

Studies and Analysis

Studies and Analyses come in many shapes and sizes. They range from a full-blown analysis of alternatives (AoA) used to support milestone reviews, medium effort tradeoff analyses, to simple quick response analyses that only consider a characteristic of a specific system. Each of these analyses has an important part in the development of a system, modification of equipment that is already fielded, developing a better understanding of a specific Tactic, Technique, or Procedure (TTP), or evaluating doctrine at the campaign level.

No matter what type of analysis is being performed, they all can be based on all or part of an AoA and the format that has been developed for it.

The ability to develop, model and analyze operational concepts and system-specific requirements to support the development, modification or enhance the performance of current systems through TTP analysis is a critical element of the process. Operational concepts are the lifeblood of an evolving organization. They are based on a technology breakthrough, technology projections, or potentially better ways of using current resources to maximize the performance or reduce costs. These analyses do not receive the resources that an AoA would have nor are they given the time to conduct extensive research in great detail. Their primary purpose is to provide a quick response with sufficient level of effort to ensure a reliable outcome from the analysis. The majority of studies and analysis that are performed fall into this category.


The scenario(s) selected, as the basis for studies, must be valid and provide adequate opportunity for the team to collect data under realistic conditions. Scenarios are developed to emulate various climates, topographies, threats, and operational conditions. Like the model, the scenario(s) selected must support the collection of the quantity and quality of data needed to address the issues identified.


Experimentation and analysis of the DOTMLPFs, as part of the Army Transformation, is an iterative process of collecting, developing and exploring concepts to identify and recommend the better value-added solutions for changes to DOTMLPF required to achieve significant advances in future operational capabilities.

DOTMLPF Change Process

The experimentation process includes assessments, wargames, command and control events, Modeling and Simulation (M&S), and live forces operating in the field. The data collected from each process requires detailed analysis before recommending changes. A disciplined experimentation approach provides the best answers for the Army’s Transformation process.

The Army is reinventing its process for determining required capabilities that are founded on integrated Army DOTMLPF requirements derived from operational concepts. This process adds front-loaded analyses to the required capabilities definition process. Therefore, the overall development effort is more responsive to a fluid operational environment, and provides traceability of all system and non-system requirements back to the overarching National Security Strategy. In this process, the exploitation of experimentation is essential to support the development and validation of Objective Force capabilities for the Army.

Modeling & Simulation
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