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Modeling & Simulation
Modeling Technology Simulation Technology Studies and Analysis


Tec-Masters also operates and maintains FireSim XXI as an integrated Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and Higher Level Architecture (HLA) environment for fires. Used as a simulation, FireSim XXI incorporates tactical command, control, communications, and computer, and intelligence devices. FireSim XXI provides an environment that readily supports research developments and analysis efforts, Advanced Concepts Requirements and unit collective training.

Using FireSim XXI, Tec-Masters:

  • Developed an interface for the Fire Support Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (FSCATT) Howitzer Crew Trainer (HCT). This system uses FireSim XXI to provide the battlefield presence, orientation, and action linkage for the HCT.

  • Provides routine simulation support using FireSim XXI to allow fire support units to train using their TO&E tactical automation systems. This includes radar, fire direction systems, automated tactical fire direction systems, etc. The system supports individual systems to division sized training exercises.

  • Supports Synthetic Theater of War (STOW) exercises worldwide.

  • Participates in joint exercises and experimentation programs such as Roving Sands where FireSim XXI was used to support the detection (radar) and engagement of theater ballistic missiles in a fully integrated operational environment.

  • Provides the personnel and services to support the Fires Battle Lab by providing FireSim XXI operator and technical support to units for fielding, training, exercises, demonstrations, integrations and experiments using FireSim XXI in the JLCCTC Entity Resolution Federation (ERF).

  • Provides the technical support required to integrate FireSim XXI and Extensible C4I System (ExCIS) in the JLCCTC-ERF to include network and trouble shooting support for AFATDS integration.

  • Participates in fielding all versions of FireSim XXI, conducting integration and synchronization testing with other simulations (JCATS, EADSIM, SIMPLE, eTSIU, VISION XXI) as a member of the JLCCTC-ERF Support Team.
Types of Simulations:
  • Constructive - Wargames, Models, Analytic tools
  • Live - Operations with real equipment in the field
  • Virtual - Systems and Troops in Simulators
  • Fighting on Synthetic Battlefields
  • Simulation Features
  • Data driven
  • Friendly/enemy
  • Current/conceptual systems
  • Dumb/brilliant munitions
  • Seamless interface with live command and control
  • Hierarchical command and control system
  • Live element proxy
  • Supports analytic, testing, and training applications
  • Real-time operations
  • Much faster than real-time

Modeling & Simulation
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