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Logistics Support and Manufacturing
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Autonomous Dial A Ride Transit

ADART is a fully automated dial-a-ride transit system that provides service to anyone that subscribes to the service. It uses off-the-self navigation, scheduling and routing, billing, communications and computer technology.

ADART is oriented to serving recurring trips- working, shopping, and recreation. Computing power is placed o each vehicle, permitting parallel computation and eliminating single point of failure (Dispatch Center). ADART system utilizes electronic payment from credit or debit cards allowing more efficient accounting.


In Aerospace, TecMasters' NASA Division plays an integral role in operations and space flight payload development for space shuttle missions. At Tec-Masters, aerospace requires continuous invention to sustain world leadership; moreover, Failure is Not An Option. This mandate is applied to any assignment. Tec-Masters' development and testing processes are among the most thorough in the world.


Diversification at Tec-Masters has its foundation in defense, where Tec-Masters, Inc. applies state of the art Rocket Science to military operations and defense of our country. Sensor technology insures that Guided Missile and Multiple Launch Rocket Systems will identify and impact their targets.

GPS technology is the navigation engine for accurate deployment across hundreds of miles of terrain. It is Tec-Masters' software that provides validation, verification, and execution for the "Digital Battleground", be it hypersonic missile deployment or battlefield force-on-force simulations.

Tec-Masters' reputation as a premiere defense contractor, innovating advanced hardware and software technologies is impeccable.

Navigation and Telematics Solutions

As a world leader in GPS technology, Tec-Masters' offers innovative consumer friendly navigation solutions customized to an automobile manufactures' vehicle platforms. Combining global positioning satellite data with built-in gyroscopes to pinpoint a vehicle's location, Tec-Masters' crafts systems to work to the next generation of automobile's with detailed map data calculating route and turn-by-turn directions with full audio support.

Tec-Masters' technology will support specific or multiple map platforms and its current development with voice tools will produce a state of the art navigation platform that is hands-free.

Tec-Masters' navigation solutions will be the critical differentiators when marketing sophisticated in-vehicle telematics.

Safety Systems and Sensor Technology Solutions

Tec-Masters' safety systems technology leads the automotive industry in advanced concepts and innovative engineering.

Our safety products are designed and engineered as complete systems, each component is an integral part of the whole. This ensures the most effective and lowest-cost solutions.

For the "next-generation" airbag programs, Tec-Masters' designs include integrated multiple-phenomenology sensors for the most effective occupant classification and location. Combinations of electrostatic, infrared, resistive, and acoustic sensors are being combined to safety each client's requirements for precision, reliability, and cost.

Tec-Masters' is also developing sensors using ultra-wide band radar technology. These exciting new devices promise a superior job of occupant location and classification at a price significantly less than other available technologies.

Logistics Support & Manufacturing
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