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Logistics Support and Manufacturing
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APTS Mobile Showcase

Tec-Masters, Inc. provided integration of Advanced Public Transportation Systems (APTS) and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Technologies into the APTS Mobile Showcase. This task was provided in support to Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and to the Volpe Center. The APTS Mobile Showcase was developed to demonstrate advance transit technologies, in such a way that they can be easily understood and compared, to transit providers around the country.

The APTS Mobile Showcase demonstrates ITS technologies such as automatic vehicle location, dispatching, fleet management, electronic fare payment, automatic passenger counters, traveler information, annunciates, traffic signal priority, navigation and other systems.

The DOT Strategic Goals
  • Safety: Promote the public health and safety by working toward the elimination of transportation-related deaths, injuries and property damage.

  • Mobility: Ensure a transportation system that is accessible, integrated, efficient, and offers flexibility of choices.

  • Economic Growth and Trade: Advance America's economic growth and competitiveness domestically and internationally through efficient and flexible transportation.

  • Human and Natural Environment: Protect and enhance communities and the natural environment affected by transportation.

  • National Security: Advance the nation's vital security interests by ensuring that the transportation system is secure.

  • FTA strategic goals include the above and also adds, "Ensure a quality organization that is responsive to employee needs, empowers its employees and provides excellence in customer service."

Logistics Support & Manufacturing
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